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What is Aitax Global?

Aitax is a Global Networking Framework built upon TechPay blockchain to serve Anonymous, Autonomous, Immutable, Transparent, Automated Financial System.

Aitax global is a community development platform developed by Aitax Foundation the project is funded by aita finance crypto currency in Aitax global referral based business is introduced for investor, crypto community and networker to make incomes and profit. Aitax global platform is facilitating Aitax foundation in community development and brand building of crypto currency , gaming & utility platforms.


  • Q2 2022choose-us

    Ecosystem map creation

    Blockchain Development

    Structural Design


  • Q3 2022choose-us

    Team Formation

    Project design and analysis


  • Q4 2022choose-us

    Website Developments

    Aita smart contract on test Net

    Aita ecosystem Development


  • Q1 2023choose-us

    Airdrop 0.5 Million Dollers

    Dex listing.

    Defi Ecosystem Development

    Community growth and engagement

    Stacking & Lock on Dex Platform

    Game Launch


  • Q2 2023choose-us

    Security smart contract audit

    Major crypto windows listing

    CEX Exchange Listing

    Multiple stable coin


  • Q3 2023choose-us

    Aita NFT Avtar Launch

    Aita Game Edubot V.1.01 Launch(EDUAI)

    Blockchain Scan & Wallet Test Version. Launching


  • Q4 2023choose-us

    Blockchain launching event

    World Tour to top 25 Founder community

    Ecosystem utility platform



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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where individuals have access to personalized and engaging experiences in gaming, education, and candidate assessment, and where their achievements and growth are recognized and rewarded on a global scale. By combining the power of AI and blockchain technology, we aim to empower users to reach their full potential and shape their future through cutting-edge and innovative solutions. With a dedicated team of experts and a commitment to continuous innovation, the AITAX blockchain is poised to become the leading platform for AI gaming, education, and candidate assessment, providing a new and inclusive ecosystem for individuals to learn, grow, and thrive in the digital age.


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